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The process confirmation app


To help sustain standards and develop a Lean culture for continuous improvement.

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During the past 20+ years of delivering across a wide rage of industries, we have found a common thread; organisations face a challenge in sustaining the improvements they have worked hard to achieve. 


In our experience, achieving this sustainability is a sizeable challenge, (even though leadership teams, do, at times, at their peril, under-estimate this fact).


TaskTrakLive was specifically developed to address these issues, by becoming an aid to  help sustain standards thus helping users to develop a Lean culture for continuous improvement.


It draws on the experience of lean experts and operational leaders, from a variety of industries, who understand and have delivered improvement and change. 


Benefits of using TaskTrakLive

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helps sustain standards by semi-automating process confirmation

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enables improved operational control

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an aid to individual and team development

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helps develop a continuous improvement culture


How does

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The app reminds you to carry out a task

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The task outcome detail is captured within the app (including time stamped photo)  

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Leader and team are linked within the app enabling escalation and support 

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Historical record is captured for audit and analysis 

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